A year has passed already

A year has passed since my last post already. I was looking at the dates of my posts and noticed that last was July 16th and I didn’t recall writing anything last month… that’s when it hit me. I guess I’ve been extremely busy the past year. I spent a large chunk of last year helping a couple large customers implement the Warehouse Management System software the company I work produces. In fact, I spent from December through July mostly away from home traveling for those two customers.

My schedule has relaxed a bit for now and I’m enjoying my home time. I’ve been working closely with our Parcel product (e.g. package manifesting system that integrates with UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc…). It is built on top of our Transportation Management System software which is very different architecturally from the WM software I’ve spent the past three years mastering. I’m enjoying the challenge and learning something new everyday again.

My family is doing great. In fact, my oldest daughter is going into ninth grade this year (where does the time go) and she’s been home this summer. She keeps busy by babysitting for a handful of families, cross country, and softball. My six year old daughter just started first grade and doing quite well with her reading and spelling (when she is not talking out of turn). Finally, my little man at nearly three years old is quite the tough guy; he spends his days playing with a little boy my wife watches in the mornings and playing with his super hero action figures. I’m truly blessed and love my family.

As of late, I’ve been tinkering with Android software development. I got the Droid last November (the first day it came out) and have been wanting to develop something it. I bought the recently released third addition of Hello, Android on Amazon, read it in a couple of days, and started tinkering. I decided to write another clone of Minesweeper to get started. I say “another” because I also wrote one in college as an assignment for a then brand new Java course. Suffice it to say, I knew the logic very well and it gave me something well defined to complete.


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