Two Years of Nada

I haven’t touched this site in almost two years.  I know; It’s pathetic.

I’ve had so much happen that I could have shared, but was just too lazy to get around to it.  My third child, Cooper, was born just after I moved to Raleigh in July 2008.  I didn’t realize it then, but he was the missing piece in my life.  He’s coming up on two years old in August and he is a spitting image of me at that age… right down to the tantrums he throws.

With the move to Raleigh brought a need to rely on our friends as we no longer had any family close by to help out in a pinch.  Today, I’m glad to say, we have several friends that have stepped up and become our extended family.  We have awesome neighbors that look out for us and are willing to take care of our pets when we going on vacation (more on that below)… and vice versa.  My wife has made many friends as a result of joining a Mom’s Club when we first moved down.  The women in that club have helped us out on many occasions and I’m very happy we have met them and their families.

Our kids have done well down here; that was the most important item on our “Do we move?” checklist.  Along with better career potential for myself and my wife, Michelle, we wanted our kids to have more opportunities as well.  This area of North Carolina has many great colleges/universities to choose from and the tuition of most of them is much more affordable than the options available back in Pennsylvania.  The weather hasn’t hurt either… you have to love the fact that almost everyday brings beautiful blue skies as opposed to a constant barrage of overcast skies.  In the end we hope our kids will be able to make a life here so they don’t feel the need to move away when they grow up like we had to… leaving our entire family was a very difficult thing to do.

Aliyah, Abygail, and Cooper

Aliyah, Abygail, and Cooper

Abygail (our oldest child) has done exceptionally well; she acclimated to the huge increase in students at her middle school very well and has really started to turn into a well-rounded young lady.  She plays softball, volunteers at our church, and tutors other kids in her grade.  She has even made me feel out-of-touch technically on more than one occasion when she has shown ME how to use a feature within my cellphone.

Aliyah is going to start Kindergarten in July and excited to meet new people while upset she is leaving many of her preschool friends.  She is so very much like me in regards to her wacky sense of humor: her stories are outlandish and every bit as realistic to her as mine were to me at that age.  I hope she never loses that… my imagination is still quite vivid so I think she will be safe there.

Cooper is quite the little tough guy; he studies me intently all day and loves to copy my every move.  It is painfully clear I have some bad habits when it comes to how I play with him as he doesn’t understand that it’s okay to hit me when play but not okay to hit everyone else.  He has my temper as well; I used to throw myself and bang my head at that age when I was frustrated and he seems to have inherited that trait as well.  He talks so much… it is amazing!  I don’t remember Aliyah talking quite so much at this age, but it’s been long enough now that I could be mistaken.

I would have to say the one drawback to living down here is how we tend to spend our “vacations”.  We didn’t take many when we lived in Pennsylvania, but when we did we tended to enjoy them more.  Now we “vacation” up north by bouncing around from night to night with different family members (e.g. most nights we stay at my father-in-law’s house).  In short, we love seeing family, but we almost always feel we need another “vacation” to recover from the one we just experienced.  We never have enough time to see everyone we want to and we almost always get at least one guilt trip from a friend or relative about how we didn’t get to see them (or spend enought time with them).

I love my job as well.  While I don’t enjoy the politics involved sometimes, the technical aspect is interesting and I am always working on something new.  The particular aspect of the company I work within (e.g. Implemenation Services for the Warehouse Management System) is quite broad in scope and I learn something new about it everyday.  I enjoy working with like minded people that truly understand the engineering requirements for delivering a large, complex software product.


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