Job boards and communication issues

I, like many, have relied heavily upon job boards such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Dice as well as many smaller niche boards to find employment positions. I have clearly specified I am only interested in opportunities in the Raleigh area and permanent (non-contract) positions. Yet, I receive emails everyday for jobs all over the country (and in Canada) and receive calls for the same positions much of the time. Why can’t these big sites get it right?

I suspect they have lost touch with their user-base and are now catering to large recruiters. Monster seems to be the worst offender. They tend to provide my name to recruiters all over the country even though I am only interested in Raleigh and will not accept a contracted position. Their tactics waste my time and provide no real value to the recruiters in my opinion. I have been called so many times now that I will not talk to the person calling unless that can pronounce my name reasonably well and I can understand what they are saying. I am no bigot nor am I racist, but if I can not understand the recruiter there is a very good chance I will have communication issues with a large segment of the staff at the company they represent. If the company can not afford to hire people with exceptional adequate communication skills they probably can not afford to hire me either.

Update: I am an open-minded, easy-going person so please do not let my rant scare you away. I was merely attempting to broadcast my discontent for the major job boards and the underwhelming recruiting practices of many consulting companies.


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